Why Segment?


Segment is a generator. NOT a wavetable. All audio is calculated in real-time. That means high quality sound and extreme settings without artefacts.

Rich connectivity

You can easily connect Segment to your setup using USB device (to computer), 2x USB host (to directly connect two USB controllers), MIDI input and CV inputs and outputs!

Analog feel

No buffer provides Segment with analog like playing action and instant sound!

Crazy sound

The sound is massive and gentle. Depends on how you set it. But yes, Segment can do a basic sine wave. :)


Why is Segment important?

Segment will be open source and open hardware. That means, anybody can personalize their own and techie guys can see how it works. We believe this will help future development in music devices.

By being open source (and NOT vendor locked), the hardware can be also used as a platform for other synths. Anybody can create and upload their own synths to the device and use its hardware potential.

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