Frequently asked questions

What is unique about our approach?

We try to find new possibilities just by trying out every weird idea, that eventualy turns into software or hardware prototype. Many was burried right away, but some stay, get refined and sometimes get combined to kind of future systems that are waiting in queue!

What problem do we solve?

We are musicians, sound engineers and programmers most of us. We have some crazy ideas on how musical instruments and control surfaces should sound and work and we simply can not stay doing nothing about that. We like possibilities of digital world yet enjoy clutter free analog workflow. We combine latest and coolest controller technology with a very low latency.

Where are we from?

We are based in Prague, Czech republic. Our team is mixed from Slovakia, Ukraine and Czech republic. We speak many other languages, especially the music one.


I would like to play Segment! How and where?

As part of our daily jobs, some of us travel. Let us know from where you are and maybe we can solve that! Write us an email!

I didn’t find some details. Where I can find them?

Please, write us an email. If possible we can directly answer you, and consider adding those details to our website for others as well.

I think your synth should do/use etc. Can I tell you somehow?

Of course, every musician opinion matters. We would like to hear from you on our email!

I am a designer/programmer etc. Can I work with you?

Go to contact and send us a Partner email with your interest, motivation and CV.

I like your idea/approach. Is there a way to help?

Thank you! You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube for news. Also consider subscribing to our newsletter for first hand information on upcoming Indiegogo campaign.

I have a company that can help you produce/distribute/solve etc. Are you interested?

This depends on your ideas, capabilities and also on our current needs in the development process. Anyway, let us know your offers and opinions!

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